Training and Business Development


Keep Participants Engaged and Focused
The TruTouch Interactive Display enables you to do what you do best – grow your business. Businesses today, both big and small, are competing with people’s attention spans during meetings. It has become second nature for many of us to carry our smart phone with us at all waking hours. If an employee or potential client is continually distracted by their own smart tools, over time productivity declines and so will your profits.
Intuitive and Easy to Use
Whether you are developing your employees through training programs, presenting a new budget or strategy to your team members, you need the right tools in place to advance your team with the greatest of efficiencies. With one simple touch of a button, TruTouch Interactive Display performs as a giant tablet and brings excitement to any meeting by engaging the group’s responsiveness. Forget the large, dark conference room with the old projector system; no one is falling asleep during a TruTouch presentation! Everyone can collaborate effectively using the whiteboard software and then email the information out to everyone at the end of the training session. You can also record your entire meeting for those who were not able to attend.
Enhance Your Meetings
Growing your business by obtaining new clients has never been more effective. Email and social media are great, but there is nothing more effective than a live presentation of your product or service offerings. A sales presentation to your clients with TruTouch is so easy – there is no need to bring a big stack of brochures, cables and laptops to the sales call. Use our travel case with electronic lift and you can take a large Interactive Display on the road to any clients’ office with ease. Forgot something? Use the wireless interactive presentation system to pull information off of a separate device or link another device to show on the interactive display. The TruTouch display is platform independent and allows anyone to connect and share. Your sales opportunity to close the deal by the end of the day just increased tenfold.
Engage your workforce and increase your sales funnel today by using TruTouch Interactive Displays.