Trade Shows


Resuscitate Your Sales Booth
The TruTouch Interactive Display enables you to do what you do best – draw people to your sales booth. While attending a trade show, there is nothing more boring than a table full of pens with a lonely sign hanging on it. Who wants to stop and find out what the pen says? Bring your booth to life with graphics, your YouTube channel, and digital signage. It catches the attention of potential new clients and makes your competition blur away in the distance.
Paperless Interaction
Save money on brochures! When someone is at your booth, instantly connect with them on their website and choice of social media platform. Send them your company’s information digitally at the touch of a button while you are talking with them. Nothing impresses a potential customer more than knowing you are easy to do busy with and up to date with modern technology. Go paperless, get digital with our interactive displays, and lose the worry that you don’t get contacted by someone because they tossed your business card in the trash.
Movable, Durable Technology
It is a giant tablet – on wheels! Setting up for your trade booth becomes a snap with our mobile stand. The durable monitor (with its upgradable computer attached) transports smoothly from event to event. The mobile stand is solid and sturdy – no messy cords or laptops in your booth. Stand out from the rest with this impressive interactive display.