Law Firms


Grab your Jury’s Attention
The TruTouch Interactive Display enables you to do what you do best – establish credibility to win your case. Trial technology has become part of the arrows in every lawyer’s quiver. Our culture expects the use of high-tech tools in virtually everything we do, and the courtroom is no exception. With the use of the Interactive Display, you can exhibit presentations, electronically present medical records, view live action reconstruction clips, and animation.
Simple. Clean. Professional.
Since parties will meet with the judge prior to the court presentation to determine if their exhibits are accurate or exaggerated, the courts apply the same standards to evidence and exhibits whether displayed to a jury on paper or electronically.
No Training Necessary
Though you make think there is a learning curve to having a new presentation tool in the courtroom or office, there is no learning curve with the TruTouch device. It is easy to use within minutes and more flexible than having poster boards, paper, or small televisions. With poster boards, you only have one visual picture at a time. If there is a question, who starts to stumble back from poster board #16 to poster board #3? Even a television can have an error with its’ attached device. However, with the interactive display, you can quickly go back and forth between software platforms, documents, video, and whiteboard functions all with the swift touch of your finger or tech-free pen.