Solutions for Engaging Your Audience…..without laptops, cables, and the kitchen sink!

Houston, Texas – Ever run into this situation? I was invited by a leading engineering firm to showcase our company’s products to over 45 engineers and project managers (rugged, industrial-grade LCD displays and Panel PC’s). I prepared my PowerPoint slideshow, packed up 2 (heavy!) laptops, grabbed a couple cables, USB sticks and off I went to the corporate headquarters.

Why two laptops?  When it comes to conference rooms, you never know what equipment you’ll find. Ask, “will I be hooking up to a VGA port or a HDMI port” and the response is, “depends which room we’ll be in”.  So, I lugged two laptops with me; one with a VGA port and the other with its HDMI connection.

Interactive DisplaysThe presentation went without a snag because I assumed their conference room would be set up like a typical meeting room (large conference room with a ceiling mounted projector, whiteboard on the wall, etc.) so I was prepared.  Technology is moving faster than a teenager can text #summeristooshort on their iPhone. Today’s new conference room products not only take the worry out of presentations, they also engage the audience on a completely different level.

LCD Concepts has been in the electronics solutions business since 1998 building high-performance products for rugged and harsh environments for industrial, military, oilfield, and entertainment applications. We are now re-sellers of the newest technology solutions – Interactive Multi-touch Displays ranging in sizes from 55” to 84” with built-in computer and whiteboard software.

What this means is, no more overhead projectors, extra cables, and laptops; virtually everything to visually present, capture, save and share, are all in a single device. Presentations come to life and are more collaborative and engaging.

I’ll share more about this in my next blog so stay tuned…there is great technology out there and I can’t wait to share these new innovative products with you!