Allows You to Connect with Your Patients
The TruTouch Interactive Display enables you to do what you do best – help others. Physicians and nurses have an admirable desire to heal those who are suffering. Our culture is hooked on instant gratification and utilizing electronic devices to relay our information – fast. Why waste time analyzing data on a small screen when you can utilize a giant tablet as your strongest tool in evaluating as well as communicating what is going on with your patient’s health?
Helps Reduce Patient Stress
It can become a stressful occurrence when assessing the status of a patient’s condition. In the diagnosis phase, a challenge can arise by how the message is delivered to the patient and their loved ones. Your calmness and precise explanation to patients makes a huge impact on building trust with them. With our touchscreen computer technology, you are able to present and make notes on video of all different kinds of procedures, surgeries, and lab work. Looking at MRI detail has never been with such clarity, detail and size! You can zoom in with just the touch of your fingertips or use a tech-free pen.
Improve the Patient Experience with Enhanced Communication
Presenting information with our display, along with your gentle ability to empathize with those you are treating, allows your patients to reach a “that makes sense” moment sooner instead of them repeating, “What do you mean?” Not only will the trust and effectiveness with your patient’s visits increase, you can also use the display for training or explaining complex diagnosis and operations to other staff members and peers.