Powerful Teaching and Learning Tools
The TruTouch Interactive Display enables you to do what you do best – educate students. Teachers are challenged each year with new students, new state testing requirements, and often the lack of effective teaching tools. The days of students staring off at the old chalk board are long gone, and projectors, though once practical years ago, will soon have their own spot in the Computer and Business section at the Smithsonian.
A Highly Visual and Interactive Experience
Each student has a mix of learning styles: logical, verbal, physical, aural, and visual. While there is no right mixture of technique, learning tools loved by most are smart devices (tablets and phones). The quick ability to scan what they like, text their friends, play game apps and view movies at the touch of a button excites them. Bringing an Interactive Display in the classroom keeps their attention no matter what their learning style because it relates to how they communicate with their peers: it functions as a giant tablet.
Reliable Displays for Labs, Classrooms, Colleges and Universities
Many students as young as 7 years old already own their own smart device or tablet. Schools recognize the need to stay current with the latest electronic tools to inspire learning, productivity and creativity in their students. Let us help you get your classroom collaborative with TruTouch Interactive Displays. This gives any student the ability to share their work. Miss a day of lecture? Use the recording device on TruTouch and email the lecture instantly. Using the whiteboard software, a lesson or homework assignment can be shared among devices to all students. Streaming video, viewing documents, recording lectures all becomes collaborative, efficient, and makes learning fun.