About Us

As a U.S. manufacturer of custom, rugged LCD displays and products, LCD Concepts, Inc. creates electronic solutions for your company’s growing technology needs:

  • Interactive Multi-touch displays
  • Commercial/Industrial LCD Displays
  • Panel PC’s

We have over 38 years’ experience building high-performance products for rugged and harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures for commercial, military, oilfield, and entertainment industries.

LCD Concepts is committed to providing innovative display solutions to keep you seamlessly connected to your business partners. Our dedication to unequaled customer service, skillful use of leading edge technology, and a commitment to delivering products on-time, has created a reputation of excellence for LCD Concepts.

Client Focused

As technology continues to advance around the globe, we creatively evolve our products to enhance the quality of life for our clients and employees. When you use one of our excellent products, your business is more productive and rewarding, which gives you more energy to focus on work-life balance.


Mission Statement

  • To be an asset to our clients by providing solutions, suggestions, and technical guidance to help them maintain their competitive edge.
  • To design innovative, high-performance commercial and industrial displays.
  • To work together in a creative, positive environment and to value and appreciate the entire team who make it all worthwhile.


Recognized as the manufacturer of choice for cutting-edge Commercial and Industrial Displays.

During a storm in the Gulf of Mexico, a rig was blown off its platform and laid in 100 ft. of water for a month. The monitor was removed and sent back to LCD Concepts for evaluation. When they opened it up, it was completely dry inside. They fired it up and it came back on immediately – no repairs necessary! Other than a really muddy display, no leaks were found! Tell me; is this remarkable electronics or what?”
Dennis W.
LCD Concepts passion, commitment, experience and integrity is unsurpassed and has made fans of us all here. For anyone thinking of doing business with LCD Concepts, rest assured it will get done as promised!
Ron B.
I owe you a huge thanks for getting all of these DL4 boards modified so quickly and accurately. You are extremely talented and I am fortunate to be able to work with you on the various projects! Thanks for all your hard work!
Greg B.
Two of the new displays are in trains and are running great. Top notch work as always.
Brett A.